The Façade of the Windows.



Cook Children’s Hospital, Fort Worth TX

I like to look at the elaborately decorated department store windows in New York City! Just imagine what other magical things are for sale inside Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, or Bloomingdales!


There are some particularly unique decorated windows in Fort Worth. When I first saw them, I was so surprised. It happened to be close to Easter and the windows had giant eggs and adorable stuffed bunny rabbits and everything else that goes with an Easter Egg Hunt. Honestly, the decorations were spectacular and obviously completed by a professional. The building was brand new and I really rarely drive down that street. The traffic is very congested because the new building is right in the middle of the hospital district not far from downtown Fort Worth.


I assumed that the building was some type of department store built because of nearby historic neighborhoods that have gained recent popularity. I mentioned the store windows to my husband that night and he said that there was no store at all. The windows were just there to look good. Someone had been hired to create the windows for every season and every holiday.

The Building Is A Parking Garage.

The Windows Are A Façade…A Representation Of The Real Thing!

The windows are located on the side that faces the busy street. If I had been paying close attention, I would have seen the entrance/exit to the garage. The parking garage is built adjacent to a medical building that is associated with Cook Children’s Medical Center. The trim on the parking garage and medical building is blue. All of Cook Children’s multiple buildings have this striking blue trim.

I finally got it! The windows are decorated for the children who might drive by with their parents. Just something else to bring them a bit of happiness in the face of a possible serious illness. In a landscaped area next to the entrance/exit is a giant wooden rocking chair and a giant pair of work boots. The entire scene including the windows is delightful.

No one is advertising anything in the windows. No words are telling an important message. The windows are just there for all the world to see. I call them the ultimate…

Windows of Happiness and Good Cheer!

As you drive through the Medical District in Fort Worth,  the series of buildings with blue accents are bound to catch your attention. These buildings are the complex known as Cook Children’s. Cook is nationally ranked in five specialties by a U.S News analysis. We have a special affinity for Cook Children’s. Our daughter had the most serious type of spinal meningitis when she was 18 months old. After the diagnosis at the pediatrician’s office, we rushed her to the Cook Children’s. A nurse literally took her from my arms as we walked in the door.

Like the perfection of the decorated windows, the care that she received was true perfection. We were there for two weeks and it was a very shaky situation for several days. The doctors and nurses were assuring us everyday that they were monitoring her as closely as possible. She was to the point of being in a coma when we arrived. Cook Children’s literally saved her life. We certainly will always remain thankful for their dedication to our little girl.

The Windows Are A Beautiful Façade.

The Hospital Performs Real Miracles Everyday.

No Façade There!


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