Perplexed. Why Can’t I Sing?


My cousin…Steve Earle. 

I have relatives who can sing, like to sing, and people actually want to listen to them. They sing professionally and can really make a living from doing something they love. They are songwriters, play guitars like pros…I guess so… since they are pros. I am the family member who would absolutely love to be able to sing. How perplexing is that? I really try. I sing in the car at the top of my lungs. My kindergarten students are the only ones who have ever clapped when I sing. And that is because I clapped first!

One of my cousins has won three Grammys and has been nominated for several others. My own mother grew up in Nashville and wanted to be a singer. She sang on the radio and anywhere else where she was asked to sing. However, she met my dad in Texas and was content just to sing in weddings, church, and around the house. To tell the truth, she had perfect pitch and could play the piano or organ without taking lessons or looking at a sheet of music. I took accordion lessons for nine years and played on a local TV station once. Emphasis on the once. I don’t think that the lessons were successful!




My cousin…Justin Townes Earle.

My brother could also sing and was in the All-State Choir in high school. I was in the choir, but I was not meant for contests. My brother did not care anything about singing and I doubt he ever sang (except in church) after high school and college. Our daughter can sing quite well. She auditioned for the Texas Girls’ Choir when she was eight years old and stayed in for over seven years. She literally sang around the world with the choir… singing at some incredibly special places. What a lucky girl!

Still…I am the one who yearns to sing. The one who yearns to write a song.  The one who yearns to play the piano. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you just did not inherit that particular talent! And you need to be proud of those in your family who have been able to use their talent to bring joy or contemplation to a listener. I guess that I should not really be perplexed. Maybe I am a bit envious, but I am filled with pride for their abilities!





My cousin, Stacey Earle and her husband, Mark Stuart.


8 thoughts on “Perplexed. Why Can’t I Sing?

  1. I have always wanted to play guitar. In fact when I turned 40 I purchased one. It is still in its’ case, original strings and I still cannot play worth anything. I think I was hoping the skill would just transfer magically to my fingers…….I was wrong.

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    • You need to get that guitar out and practice, practice, practice! I refuse to get my accordion out. It is safely in the original blue case where it will stay! Besides, it is heavy! Our son played the guitar constantly. We have his guitar at the farm…there may be two or three. I want to play the piano very, very much. We have a piano and an organ. Both old. I want to sell them both and get one of those digital player pianos. I look at them at the state fair every year! When you can play a song on the guitar, you have to post a video! Can’t wait! And you need to sing! Start planning your performance outfit.

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      • Oh my word! If I wait till I am good enough on the guitar and can sing we will all be too old to remember what it is all about……and if I don’t wait till I am proficient it would be a spectacle that no one should have to witness LOL.
        I think I just might be guitar and singing challenged :). and I will content myself listening to those who are gifted.
        Or maybe you and I could do a duet with the guitar and accordion bwhahahahaha.
        How much do you think our children would pay to keep that one out of the public eye?

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  2. I think, singing has a lot to do with posture/ stance/ volume and experience.
    I know as a former pianist when I hit the write notes. I understand my volume when I sing, what I require to hit the right pitch, but I always miss it. I’m always off by a note.
    When I sing to a tape I get it right, but not on my own.
    I can’t correct my tones either, but when I’m with someone else that’s aiding me along the way I always get it.
    Singing is strange like that. I’ve been told it’s normal until you get lots of experience.

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  4. Wow no wonder you’re proud, they’re all brilliant! Someone won grammys wow! I’d also love to be musical, but I have no ability whatsoever. I’m sure with your writing skills you could write a nice little song? You have plenty of talented folks who could sing it!


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