What Vice? Just Look Around.

Thomas Jefferson quote

We do not have to look very far to hear, to see, to even experience something that has vice written all over it. In one respect, a vice can be characterized by corruption. In another respect, a vice can be characterized by immoral conduct. Try to think of every negative behavior…each one is a vice. We hear about vice on the news virtually 24 hours a day.

We need some positive news at some point. We do need honest, direct, and current news. Why do we give such news coverage with seemingly unlimited time limits to people who are determined to be residents in a den of iniquity? Perhaps they are just desperate for publicity. Perhaps they are have been made transparent in a very sad way…so transparent that there is nothing left to resemble decent behavior.

 Could it be drug use? Maybe. Poor education? Lack of a conscience? No respect for laws? Determination to go against the acceptable norm? Absent childhood? Absent parents? Absent morals? Absent character? All of the above?

 Vice. I do not think that someone is just born that way. Perhaps, I am mistaken. Maybe they have a propensity towards inappropriate behavior at birth. The argument arises again regarding nature versus nurture. I have to take into consideration that people are greatly influenced by the set of circumstances that are present in their lives. Why? Why? Why?




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