Heartless. Enough.

Struggle: Daily Prompt from last week when pingbacks were not working correctly… and not at all working for me. My story is finally posted with the other Daily Prompts!


I would rather smile. Sometimes I struggle to find one. But I do. I would rather laugh. Sometimes I struggle to make my laugh sound real. But I do. I would rather see the bright blue sun-filled sky. Sometimes I struggle to appreciate this gift. But I do. Sometimes I struggle to feel the much needed renewal of the rain. But I do.

The fact is that I like the rain, I like sunny days, I like to laugh, I like to smile as much as possible. So why do I sometimes struggle? I would say that it is because I am just a regular person. I am not a comic book super hero. And I doubt you are either and I am glad. To be a super hero would just be too outlandish. And there is enough happening in this world that is truly outlandish. Enough happening that is cruel. Enough happening that is negative. Enough happening that is heartless. Enough. Heartless…now that is something to truly struggle understanding.

Regular people struggle over individual worries and problems. Perhaps we really need to struggle over solving problems that are much bigger than ourselves. To look at the big picture. To accept differences. To accept compromise. To accept and respect. We need to stop struggling over small and insignificant problems. We need to widen our focus.

To focus on building tolerance. To focus on appreciating the rainy day. And not fear the struggle.


4 thoughts on “Heartless. Enough.

  1. Beautifully written. I try to get this message across to middle schoolers so they can help make positive change in the world.


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