Take Time to Dream.


So…I was just sitting here at my computer thinking about the daily prompt for Monday, May 23. “DREAM”. I can’t seem to get my thoughts together on this one. Maybe it’s because I have so much to get done in the next couple of weeks. How do I have time to dream when I have work to do and so little time? Let me look at the calendar to be sure…worse than I thought…less than two weeks. I REALLY have problems now. And I am writing at my computer? This is the place where I relax. I must be crazy.

Just for the record…here are some of the things that I need to do in the very near future:

1. I need to finish making the graduation hats for my students. Graduation is this Friday. The children can’t help me on this one. Normally, I am the ultimate supporter of students creating their own artwork. There is no right or wrong way to explore and to create. With the graduation hats, there is a right way or they just won’t fit. I want the children to be able to walk onto the stage with their hats planted firmly on their heads and not swinging precariously from their hands. These are my last graduation hats and they need to be great or almost great. Don’t forget about my exciting retirement!

2. Organize the writing folders. Each child has a writing folder and they are already full. I need some more file folders. We write every, single morning. I save everything and should have been putting work in the folders each day for about the last six weeks. I may have been a bit slow recently.

3. From the already mentioned writing papers, I need to choose their best work for their permanent folders. Decisions, decisions. Plus, I need to fill out the names and additional information on the folders. I’ve had the permanent folders for several weeks. How much information have I filled out? Don’t ask.

4. Finish the report cards. Thank goodness, these are completed on the computer. This task should take just one evening. I hope.

5. Finish filling out the graduation awards. Finish filling out the diplomas.
No comment.

6. Get the take-home book boxes ready. The children will decorate them and put their alphabet books inside. I will just supervise. Really!

7. Pack up everything in my room. Divide out my personal items. I never took most of my very own school items back to school this year. Yea!! I guess that I will have a garage sale in the summer. $$$

8. I can’t remember what else. More, more, more.

I was thinking that dreaming would be useless when I started writing. Just being realistic. After all, I put off some things so that I could have more fun with the children and savor my last days at school. No time to dream. And then…while writing…I glanced over at the television and saw a Target ad. The only two lines that I saw were “DREAM BIG”.  OK Target…thank you…I will DREAM BIG!


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