Looking For A Cricket…I Guess. I Hope.



I know for sure that summer has made it’s arrival…and it is not even June 1st. Yikes! Does that mean that the 102 degree weather is just around the corner? If so, I need to leave Texas until September.  I am thinking that Alaska would be nice.


The real reason that I may leave for Alaska…I have seen my first lizard of the summer! Staring at me from it’s hiding place on a tree. Waiting to chase me across the yard. Does the lizard in the tree want to catch a cricket…or me? 


My encounter with the lizard in the tree occurred as I was getting into my car. In one of the trees close to the driveway, I saw what looked like a stick moving down the tree trunk. Slowly moving. This behavior is quite abnormal for me…I walked over and took pictures of the lizard. The lizard immediately was frozen in place. Turns out the lizard was scared of me…imagine that! That lizard will try and jump on my arm next week.




 Not close. Closer. Too close.

Way too close!