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Thank you to Angela at… 

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The Blogger Recognition Award!

Angela…I so appreciate you for thinking of my blog for this award. I have been following her blog for several months and I have enjoyed hearing about her life in New Zealand. Angela writes from the heart with honesty and excitement. She is a newlywed and she posted pictures of her beautiful wedding! Her blog is growing very quickly and she is involved in several challenges. You can tell immediately that Angela loves to write and share…read her blog!

I know that you will enjoy it as much as I do!


Now for my part of the award!!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

  • Write a post to show your blog award.

  • Give a brief story about how your blog started

  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

  • Select 15 bloggers you want to give this award to.

  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to the post that you created.

    My Answers!

    How did I start my blog? 

    I began my blog in late March, 2016. I was planning on retiring from my 18 year teaching career in June and I thought that it would be fun to begin writing again. My first degree was in Journalism and I worked at newspapers for seven years…until we had our first child and I decided to stay at home for a while and just be a Mom! I absolutely loved working at newspapers, but the hours were very long and not conducive to family life!! I really intended to go back to working at newspapers. I had worked in Editorial and also in Retail Advertising. I also was involved in the “Newspaper in Education” program and loved going out to schools to give talks about the role of the newspaper in the community! So…after our children were a bit older, I started another career…this time in teaching…first at our church Day School and then in Title I public elementary schools. These are schools for the economically disadvantaged…an unbelievably rewarding career. However, I really missed writing and that is why I decided to try blogging! So far…blogging has been a wonderful experience and I have met so many new friends from around the world!


Advice to New Bloggers!!

  1.  Be friendly to as many other bloggers as possible! Comment on their posts! Learn about their lives and customs! I have found bloggers to be thoughtful and kind… with hearts of gold. We all have different interests and different opinions, but I think that we are all dedicated to increasing as much positive communication as we can in our world.

  2.  Write about a variety of topics! Do not be afraid to talk about decisions that you need to make or about something difficult that you encountered or about the exciting things in your life! Be honest and open!

My Nominees!!!

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Thank you again…Angela!!



No Doubt a Ride On the Precipice of Danger…Telluride Jeep Trail!

I absolutely love Colorado.

I totally realize that I have made this statement before…no new information here! I like the beauty of the mountains, the cool mountain air, the friendly mountain people and I like the mountain jeep trails. These trails define the word “precipice” to me!!


CRAZY…Did I hear you call me crazy? There must be a lot of crazy people out there…the jeeps are rented continuously! Anyway…count us in on the jeep trail ride…again and again and again!!


The following fun, frightening, ridiculous, exciting, dangerous, exhilarating video is of the ride to Imogene Pass near Telluride, Colorado. Honestly, the views are the best… just do not look down to the side of the trail. Look to the right, to the left, straight ahead…you will see all of the natural beauty of Colorado. Amazing! I will never tire of being in the mountains! Now for the video…




Looks fun…right? Well…anyway…think about riding the jeep trails someday! All you need are your camera, your sunglasses and most assuredly a large amount of nerve!!!

Collaborating With Music…Success. Collaborating In Politics…?


Jon Bon Jovi and Bettye LaVette sing at “We Are One”: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial

Bettye LaVette is a soul and blues singer/songwriter…   renowned for her dramatic stage presentations. Jon Bon Jovi is best known as the founder and lead singer of the rock band, Bon Jovi as well as being successful in business as well as being a philanthropist. The two musicians have differing backgrounds, at times quite different musical styles, and differing success stories.

Yet, they collaborated singing “A Change is Gonna Come” (written by Sam Cooke) at the January 18, 2009 “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial”. I am not particularly a political person and do not lean particulaly right or particularly left. I lean towards what seems best for my family, my state and my country.


The Statue of Liberty

However, listening to this stirring collaboration between Lavette and Bon Jovi brought me to tears and brought me to a deeper thought process regarding the extent of struggles in our country…and the world. The words are just as timely now as when they were first written. Take a minute to listen, to watch, to quietly be touched by the collaboration…the sincere vocals, the eye contact, the smiles, the pride, the honesty, the honor.




This collaboration may have taken place in Washington D.C. and there was certainly boundless hope for the future held by many at that time. My point is not to say whether I think Obama’s eight years in the White House were successful. What I think is not really important. My point is to say that collaboration appears to be coming across as blatantly absent today. Looking back, it appears that  politicians also did not work together for Obama.


Peace-Albert Einstein

There was a time during Obama’s years in office that I came very close to refusing to turn on any of the cable news reports…particularly ones that are broadcast at and after 7:00 pm. There was such negativity on both sides. He said. She said. They said. Please…someone change the channel to Fixer Upper or the Property Brothers…immediately.


I thought…can we please just hurry up and get to the new election?  I did not want to hear this constant bickering. 2009, 2010, 2011…speed ahead to 2017. Surely the political pundits can tone down their prohibitive rhetoric.


Wishful Thinking. The News Reports are Worse, If Possible. The Political Pundits are Showing Rare Form in Disturbing Ways. More Bickering. More Accusations. Nothing is Right. Really? Nothing Appeared Right Last Year…Or the Year Before Or The Years Before That.


The following quote is from part of the coursework for “Live Exchange”, the foundational course on communication for: The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts…


“The best teams quickly build a safe environment of respect and trust where collaboration can thrive. The Methods of Communication graphic examines how real-time versus delayed communication methods map across collaborating versus coordinating tasks.”


The writer (Shawn Ardaiz) goes on to expound on the subject of communication methods that promote collaboration…

“I believe emails and other sensory-deprived methods are susceptible to misinterpretation and interpersonal communication failure. Non-visual cues and voice inflections are essential to deciphering true meaning, all of which are required for successful team collaboration”












Tyler Texas! Where Pink Azaleas and Red Roses Abound!

Tyler Azaleas one

Home on the Azalea & Spring Flower Trail

Bright colors of a multitude of flowers, a floral scent in the air and the natural beauty of East Texas describe Tyler, Texas. Known as America’s Rose Capitol, Tyler presents the annual Texas Rose Festival in October. Tyler is home to so many wonderful flowers that the city also hosts the annual Springtime…

 Azalea & Spring Flower Trail… a driving and walking tour through the historic and absolutely beautiful Azalea District. 


tyler azales fourteem

Located just 95 miles east of Dallas, Tyler is a city of over 108,000 with every cultural opportunity coupled with a strong business base. However, Tyler maintains a friendly Texas ambiance that makes a visit fun for the entire family.

I have loved Tyler for as long as I can remember…I grew up in Longview, Texas…about 37 miles east of Tyler. I even played my accordion at a Friday night variety show at a Tyler city park that just happens to have an amphitheater! Located very near the Azalea District, Bergfeld Park is still vibrant today.


tyler azaleas thirteen


Azalea Trail History

quoted from the following link…

Azalea & Spring Flower Trail


“While oil booms gave Tyler an economic head start in the 1930s, azaleas and rose blooms gave the city its beauty. Azaleas were introduced to Tyler in 1929 by Maurice Shamburger, one of the city’s early nurserymen. Pleased with the results of a test garden of azaleas, Shamburger shipped the colorful plants here by the boxcar loads from Georgia.

After completing his garden in 1929, Shamburger discussed the beautification potential of azaleas with Mrs. Sara Butler of the Tyler Courier Times Telegraph. Mrs. Butler not only encouraged Shamburger to promote azalea plantings in the city, but planted a number of bushes at her own home on Charmwood St.

That home site, along with several other gardens on Lindsey Lane, soon became springtime showplaces with their colorful azalea blooms, and Tylerites began buying the plants by the thousands. Some of the thick, towering azaleas at older homes on the Trail date back to the 30s and 40s.

By 1960, the blooming azaleas were attracting much attention and that year the Chamber of Commerce established a marked route. The first Trail featured 60 homes on a five-mile route.

The Trail was an instant success.”


Azalea & Spring Flower Trail

Tyler, Texas


tyler azaleas six