The Option To Survive Despite Trepidation.

survival five

Fear and struggles in life can leave a person empty. No doubt about it. Sometimes, the smallest struggle can seem monumental. Sometimes, the smallest fear can seem monumental. We have all felt this way. Worry about small happenings can border on behavior that considers only ourselves. In light of recent occurrences in our world, I think that we need to broaden our scope. 


survival six


Take the time to look at the big picture. Think of a way to help someone in need. Most likely…there are families in your own town that are struggling to survive.


survival two


Find them. Help them. Talk to them. Survival can be a gift. A gift from you. 

survival three


Share a message of hope…just one step towards a sense of peace. What else can we personally do at this moment in time? Take the first step.


survival four


Your Actions Reflect Who You Really Are. So…Why Not Make A Good Impression?

charm school five

Charm School was an important class for twelve and thirteen year old girls in my hometown. We grew up knowing that Charm School was most likely going to be a part of our middle school years. The class was not associated with our regular school classes at all. Charm School was taught so that we would know how to make a good impression on others…to know what is right and what is wrong…to grow up to be “proper”.


Now I know that many people needed and still need to learn how to be “proper”!


Charm School was just like taking tap dance or piano lessons. Only in Charm School, we were expected to be total young ladies at all times…not so easy when you are still playing baseball with all of the boys in the neighborhood! Plus…playing in the creek…the ultimate un-ladylike place in town.


charm school two


Poor, poor teacher…she had her work cut out for her with our group! The same lady had been teaching the class for years and she was the epitome of decorum. The teacher gave us a quote on the first night of our class and we repeated it every week. It happened to be a favorite quote that my mother told me many times from before I even started elementary school. She must have thought that I might need some assistance in the charm area someday! I had a big brother so I was going to stand up for myself…no matter what!


So…THE QUOTE helped!




charm school seven



Our Charm School Quote…


The world is like a mirror

Reflecting who you are 

And what you do.

So give to the world 

The best that you have…

And the best will come back to you!



charm school six




Words for anyone to live by…especially in  the world we live in today!

A Catalyst and A Catapult. My Teacher.

Fourth Grade four

Funny how you can remember certain moments in your childhood just like they were yesterday. I remember my entire Fourth Grade year at Pinewood Park Elementary in Longview, Texas. In my mind, I can see the classroom on the first day of school and my name in cursive on my desk.

I know who sat beside me (Jimmy) and who was in my reading group. I still know my friends and what has happened in their lives…Kathy, Barbara, Grace Anne, Georgia and so many more…some in my class and some in another class. I can still see my mother helping at the Halloween party and the ghost cookies that she made. I remember that I got to help put up the flag every day. I still know how to fold the flag and the rules to follow. I remember so very much.



Fourth Grade two


All because…

My teacher was fun. My teacher told us how much we meant to her. My teacher made us feel smart and wise beyond our years. She called us her SHINING STARS. We believed her and she believed in us. 



Fourth Grade Six


My teacher was the important catalyst and the catapult that pushed us on to be what we needed to be…at that time and later on in life. I am thinking that all children truly deserve a teacher who loves teaching and truly loves children. When I began teaching school, I thought about my Fourth Grade teacher, but I was teaching the little ones in Kindergarten. Still…I decided how to teach by following her example. Later, I taught Third Grade and I started seriously thinking about my Fourth Grade teacher.


And then…I had the opportunity to teach Fourth Grade. On the first day of school…I knew what my teacher was able to achieve. She gave a class of talkative Fourth Graders a real idea of what school could be like…what education meant. She told us that she believed in us…she told us that we were her stars…she told us that we could be anything that we wanted to be.


Thank you, Mrs. Pruitt for teaching me how to teach…long before I even thought about teaching school. You taught me that a child could learn and have fun at the same time.



Fourth Grade seven

I remembered that you let us paint at easels when we finished our work. I still have one of my paintings. The painting that I saved is the reason why I asked for an easel for my own Fourth Graders. Guess what! Your teaching method still works!





What Goes Up Must Come Down. So Says Sir Isaac Newton.


Issac Newton one


With other words, we might say…what ascends must descend


This is gravity. Gravity is a force that we are not able to see. Gravity is like a magnet attracting objects back to Earth. When we throw a tennis ball up into the air, the ball comes right back down. When we are hiking and encounter a large hill, we might find hiking quite a bit more difficult. Why? Gravity brings the ball down, gravity makes it harder to walk up an incline.  The Earth’s gravity is pulling the ball back down and trying to pull us away from climbing the hill. If we did not have gravity, the ball would continue upward and float away to outer space…and so would we. 

Gravity literally pulls everything towards the center of the Earth. When the object is heavier and solid rather than hollow, gravity attracts the object back to earth with a stronger force.


newton eight


Why do you think that we need gravity besides the fact that we would not want to float away into space? There are two more reasons why we need gravity…


1. Gravity makes certain that the Earth revolves around the sun. Therefore, we can survive on Earth because we are warm and not freezing.

2. Think about what other important property descends to Earth…water that arrives as rain and snow. 


newton nine


So…how do we know so much about gravity? Thank you to Sir Isaac Newton for his discovery of gravity! Newton was a brilliant, eccentric and at times mentally stressed English scientist. 



“I have no new ideas for my science book. I’ll be the laughing stock of the scientific community!”


Suddenly an apple fell on his head. He began to wonder, “Why did the apple fall down and not go up?”


Just then, an idea struck Newton. “I’ve got it! Some force must be pulling it down! I’m going to call it GRAVITY.”


Newton five

The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you to!

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Thank you to Angela at… 

for nominating me for…


The Blogger Recognition Award!

Angela…I so appreciate you for thinking of my blog for this award. I have been following her blog for several months and I have enjoyed hearing about her life in New Zealand. Angela writes from the heart with honesty and excitement. She is a newlywed and she posted pictures of her beautiful wedding! Her blog is growing very quickly and she is involved in several challenges. You can tell immediately that Angela loves to write and share…read her blog!

I know that you will enjoy it as much as I do!


Now for my part of the award!!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

  • Write a post to show your blog award.

  • Give a brief story about how your blog started

  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

  • Select 15 bloggers you want to give this award to.

  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to the post that you created.

    My Answers!

    How did I start my blog? 

    I began my blog in late March, 2016. I was planning on retiring from my 18 year teaching career in June and I thought that it would be fun to begin writing again. My first degree was in Journalism and I worked at newspapers for seven years…until we had our first child and I decided to stay at home for a while and just be a Mom! I absolutely loved working at newspapers, but the hours were very long and not conducive to family life!! I really intended to go back to working at newspapers. I had worked in Editorial and also in Retail Advertising. I also was involved in the “Newspaper in Education” program and loved going out to schools to give talks about the role of the newspaper in the community! So…after our children were a bit older, I started another career…this time in teaching…first at our church Day School and then in Title I public elementary schools. These are schools for the economically disadvantaged…an unbelievably rewarding career. However, I really missed writing and that is why I decided to try blogging! So far…blogging has been a wonderful experience and I have met so many new friends from around the world!


Advice to New Bloggers!!

  1.  Be friendly to as many other bloggers as possible! Comment on their posts! Learn about their lives and customs! I have found bloggers to be thoughtful and kind… with hearts of gold. We all have different interests and different opinions, but I think that we are all dedicated to increasing as much positive communication as we can in our world.

  2.  Write about a variety of topics! Do not be afraid to talk about decisions that you need to make or about something difficult that you encountered or about the exciting things in your life! Be honest and open!

My Nominees!!!

  1. mumsthewordblog1

  2. Dr. Tina

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Thank you again…Angela!!


No Doubt a Ride On the Precipice of Danger…Telluride Jeep Trail!

I absolutely love Colorado.

I totally realize that I have made this statement before…no new information here! I like the beauty of the mountains, the cool mountain air, the friendly mountain people and I like the mountain jeep trails. These trails define the word “precipice” to me!!


CRAZY…Did I hear you call me crazy? There must be a lot of crazy people out there…the jeeps are rented continuously! Anyway…count us in on the jeep trail ride…again and again and again!!


The following fun, frightening, ridiculous, exciting, dangerous, exhilarating video is of the ride to Imogene Pass near Telluride, Colorado. Honestly, the views are the best… just do not look down to the side of the trail. Look to the right, to the left, straight ahead…you will see all of the natural beauty of Colorado. Amazing! I will never tire of being in the mountains! Now for the video…




Looks fun…right? Well…anyway…think about riding the jeep trails someday! All you need are your camera, your sunglasses and most assuredly a large amount of nerve!!!

No Qualms. Why? Evidently Student Felt Entitled To Bring Python to Graduation.


A student at Texas Southern University (located in Houston, Texas) brought a three year old Ball Python to his college graduation this past Saturday. Sadly, the young man finished college before he learned how to consider the serious and quite possible ramifications of his decisions. The students does not seem to have any qualms about bringing a snake to graduation. His statement to the news media…


“I told everybody this is my graduation, so I’m going to do what I want to do. So I’m going to bring it and that’s what I ended up doing.”


Ball Python


Oh really? Your graduation? Your very own individual graduation? What about your fellow graduates? Do you actually think that you are more important and unique than them? 

Do you honestly think that you can do whatever you want to do…anywhere you go? That is how your behavior appears.


Texas Southern University included the following information on the school website regarding their graduating seniors and the importance of the event:


“Commencement is a solemn and special occasion in the lives of students, and they are expected to behave in a manner commensurate with the magnitude of the occasion. While attending commencement exercises, students and their guests are expected to maintain decorum that is reasonable and befitting of a public event of special significance. Since commencement exercises are formal events, graduates are expected to abide by the University’s policy on appropriate attire that is announced in advance of the ceremonies.”




texas southern university three


Yes…you were evidently entitled to graduate from college. You were not entitled to bring a Ball Python into an arena filled with graduates, parents, children and friends. All it would have taken to disrupt the entire graduation was one person screaming at the sight of the snake…and that easily could have happened. Just think about the results of just one person yelling!