Shopping for our grandson! WOW! I need to get this, that, this and definitely that!

baby boy closet


It happened…I held myself back as long as I possibly could. And then I was at a department store yesterday and I just by accident walked towards the baby area. There was a force pulling me to the back of the store. A force stronger than the pull that was being emitted from the shoe department. I love shoes. I have found something that I love more than shoes…our baby grandson!  He will be born in December…I am trying my best to be very patient and not get carried away with shopping!


My patience was truly tested in the baby department and this is not even my most favorite store. I looked at every possible piece of boy clothing in the entire area. I left not even a blanket untouched.



Will he like blue best?


Will he like red best?


Will he want to wear dress-up outfits?


Will he be a farmer boy with overalls?




Decisions! Decisions!


I suppose that I might as well calm down…after all…he will be a tiny baby! He won’t be deciding what to wear for quite a while! I will choose the most adorable things that I can find! We are just very excited about our grandson!


What I possibly bought for our grandson…not admitting any purchases…



baby four





baby six




baby nine




baby eight




baby two




baby three 



 Which one would you choose?!!


8 thoughts on “Shopping for our grandson! WOW! I need to get this, that, this and definitely that!

  1. I feel the same here, except we don’t know if my daughter is having a boy or a girl yet. So I can’t get too excited about getting clothes. so far we are getting neutral colors such as apple green… I will look at the brand she likes on her registry first and I’ll get more of the similar kind!


  2. Hello KinderG.
    Aw, I smiled througout this read and know the feeling of wanting to buy the whole store for a much loved before he’s even here Grandson. Like you, I had to steal myself from buying everything I came across.

    I totally, 100%, understand your early purchases and the clothes are ALL adorable, and I can see how hard it was to resist them for they are really beautiful.

    Great buys ‘Grandma’!
    Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • Hello Cobs! Happy Weekend! These outfits ARE precious! Another friend from WordPress said that she thinks the return to traditional boy clothes is the result of Prince George! I agree… he looks so adorable in his little shorts and sweaters! I may go shopping next week too…we are going to Houston for a couple of days. They have some really wonderful shops down there…do you agree that browsing around is a necessity?

      From…the excited “Grandma” who cannot decide on a name for herself when the baby arrives! Help!~~~~~~~~Kindergarten (Pat)

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      • NOT browsing is against the law!!! So you absolutely MUST do it, for who would want a law breaker for a Grandmother.

        Names …. Well I’m a Grammy and I totally adore it. You see … cards, ready mades, mass mades, are all with Nanny or Grandma on them. So … I know that the thing I’m being given for my birthday, Christmas and Mothers Day, from little Cobs, is just for me. I have some of the most beautiful little hand-mades which have ‘Grammy’ on them and all of them are so incredibly special to me. (In fact some of them don’t even make it to the memory box. They’re out, proudly displayed!)

        But … You might feel comfy with Nanny, Nanna, Grandmother, Grandma, GanGan, or one of a gazillion other names for a Grandmother.

        Try them all on for size. Imagine that your sat in another room and you hear this little voice calling that name …. saying “Hello ___________” (fill in the blank with the name). Or you just might want to wait until you hold that tiny little scrap of wonderment in your arms and you introduce yourself to him. Maybe it’s at that exact point that you’ll find the title by which you want to hear him say one day.

        I was blessed to the moon and back to be present at the birth of Little Cobs, and I ‘felt’ my name when I looked at him and drank him in with my eyes.
        Sending oodles of Grammy love to you KinderG (Pat) 😀 ~ Cobs. x

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    • I thought the same thing about Prince George being the catalyst for those really nice little boy outfits being in style again! These are the kinds of clothes that I bought for our son. And also little girl traditional dresses for our daughter. When she was a little over two years old, she decided that she could choose her clothes everyday…she would lay them out each night. I was shocked! Of course, she put out blue jean shorts, a too large shirt of her brother’s (he was 5 years, older), a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a holster!! AND NO BOWS! Oh dear! She is still very independent in every way, but likes to dress up fancy sometimes! Still a tomboy though!

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