Oh dear! What to wear to the Oscars!


Decisions. Decisions. When and if I finish writing my book and the screenplay is miraculously (doubtful!) nominated for an Oscar, I worry about what dress I am going to wear to the Academy Awards. I am not even going to think about the shoes and those dangerously tall heels. The problem is the dress. I need something soft and flowing…sort of like a silk shirt hanging precariously from a clothesline while blowing gently in the wind. I do hope that you can get the picture.

Please! I cannot JIGGLE as I walk up the stairs to the podium. The dress should be the item that is swaying gently…certainly not me!

I have heard it said that television cameras make you look at least 10 pounds heavier. Or is it 20 pounds? There is no way that I can let that happen. I need 10 pounds lighter. Or is it 20 pounds lighter. More? Let’s just not talk about it. My wedding dress was a size 5. So there! It doesn’t matter how many years ago that event occurred.

Since I need a dress for the Oscars that flows when I walk, I have chosen a few that should work. I simply cannot worry about this any longer. I need to spend my time finishing the dadgum  (Texas talk again) book!

Announcing the choices and also the not so good choices for my future Oscar dress…


Actually…I like the color…I will need a lot of gym time for this one!



Beautiful! Strapless…help! I may need glue.



Pretty and grown-up style…maybe this is the right one!



I like the looks of this dress…but no flow…might jiggle on the steps!



This looks glittery…bling! Nice straps, but look at that tiny waist! Gym again!


Announcing the not so good and totally not understandable possibilities…


Just too much to look at…according to me!



I do not get the net material at the bottom!



Interesting material, but I cannot tolerate another mermaid dress!


That is it! All the choices that I could find. When it is your turn for the Oscars, I will be sure to help you find the perfect outfit!





10 thoughts on “Oh dear! What to wear to the Oscars!

    • I was thinking that I might could sew two of the dresses together and make one comfortable dress. Of course… two contrasting, but compatible colors. I could make one for you too. Forget it…I would have to get four dresses and George (in the last comment) hopes that I don’t choose anything too expensive. The cabin is better.

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