Seven Much Loved Children.


The Seven Cousins!


First of all…let us get this straight…I did not have seven babies! Help! I probably would not have that much patience. I had two of my own and they were most assuredly and continuously the most precious children around…as the mother…I am allowed to say that!  In addition, they were most assuredly and continuously into each other’s things, yet continuously sticking up for each other!

The seven babies are my great-nieces and great- nephews…possibly the other most precious children around. Prejudice, Prejudice…I know! I was totally thrilled when my niece and two nephews were born back when I was in my twenties.

Now that they are married with children of their own…”Aunt Tricia” and “Uncle Mike” have reached a new level of…what can I call it? Perhaps the newly minted words…Aunthood and Unclehood. Actually, it is a much easier job than Parenthood! We are just around for the fun times!

These are my brother’s grandchildren. We lost him more than five years ago. What a difficult time for all. My brother did not have the chance to know the entire group of seven…just the first ones when they were little. How he loved them and how he would have loved to see their personalities develop. And how he would have loved to see them play together…especially at our family farm at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving also meant going to the farm for his own children when they were growing up.

At Thanksgiving, Aunt Tricia may be popular because she is cooking in the kitchen and baking pies…over and over again. Fun! Uncle Mike is truly the absolute most popular person. He will take them on rides on the tractor and he knows all of the trails and all of the bridges! I cannot seem to even climb up into the cab of the tractor, but I do sort of know the trails! But…please remember…I am cooking!

Our daughter and son-in-law have reached the elite status because they drive the four-wheelers and the golf cart and the old farm truck. That golf cart is really mine, but I do not get all the credit for it! Plus they know the trails and creek on our place and also at the farm across the road. I just cannot keep up with all of this trail and creek knowledge! Even better…they own Gus the Granddog. Remember…I am cooking!


Gus the Granddog!

These children are a bright ray of sunshine to us. Their joy and laughter are utterly contagious. I had no idea at all that seven babies would turn out to be seven of the most loved children in our lives. A blessing…to be sure!


6 thoughts on “Seven Much Loved Children.

  1. I have been looking for the Love, Love, Love button for this post! Family time with those kids around is absolutely the sweetest and best time. And yes Aunt Trish is the coolest Aunt Trish ever because…….she makes the food! Else they would all perish on the trails.

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    • Ha!!! You are right…I am the one who keeps everyone going!! These children are the most fun…I am sure that you understand since you have two very precious grandchildren! We all had pictures made during out time at the farm Thanksgiving. Each family had their own pictures and we had some together! I love the pictures of the children running and walking through the pasture holding hands. Isn’t the youngest cute the way he is trying to keep up? I am crazy about this picture!

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