Needing Flattery. Being Vain


“What really flatters a man is that you think he is worth flattering.” 

George Bernard Shaw, Playright

An acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.

E. A. Bucchianeri, Author

Brushstrokes of a Gadfly


“A man’s interest in the world is only the overflow from his interest in himself.”

 George Bernard Shaw, Playright


The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simple. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish; the other selfish. One is universally admired, the other universally condemned.

Dale Carnegie, Author

How to Win Friends and Influence People 




 To me…when someone needs to be flattered, when they are pleading with their whole being to be flattered, when they are desperate to be flattered…I think of a person who is also needing to stand on their own two feet. I think of a person who needs to be individualistic. I think of a person who should not be afraid to voice an opinion and to be proud of that opinion. How can someone who needs flattery to exist be grounded enough to be happy with the simple beauties of life? I think that it would be quite impossible for the person who looks for flattery to take the time to see the flowers on the hill or the floating leaves from the trees. Those who seek flattery are caught up in their own vanity. They are conceited. They are vain. Perhaps we are all at this position at some point in our lives. Surely we can find a way to walk away and find a bigger picture of the world than just ourselves.





8 thoughts on “Needing Flattery. Being Vain

  1. Hi, I knew Matt.
    I love Carly Simon’s music and her song you’re so vain.
    I met you at Roberta’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.
    I am having my own blog party today and I would love for you to come. I have them four times a month.


  2. I love all the quotes. I find that if someone throws some flattery my way I usually wonder what they want…..depending on the flatterer.
    I am learning to graciously say Thank you. I am still more comfortable being the one giving the compliments :).

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    • I think that I have a difficult time with someone who continuously turns the conversation to themselves…it appears that they are fishing for flattering remarks. I feel funny about compliments, but I push myself to say “Thank you!”…much easier to be the giver than the receiver! I think that I differentiate flattery from compliments.Flattery is forced recognition and compliments are surprise gifts! Well…to me anyway! I may be a crazy nutcase about this!! And that is ok!

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